Best Full Shoulder Workout Routine

The shoulders are the key to many full-bodied movements. Skill in such sports as swimming, baseball, golf, and tennis and other racquet sports is improved with the help of strong shoulders . Shoulder strength is also essential for succeeding in wrestling and gymnastics. Even when sprinting, the shoulders play an important role in the arm swing, helping the runner build speed and rhythmic movement . Women are traditionally weaker in the shoulders than men and, therefore, shoulder exercises offer a great benefit to women who wish to develop upper-body strength.

The following exercises are some examples of movements that can be used to develop the shoulder. Many alternatives exist in both standing and seated positions, using a variety of machines, barbells, and dumbbells.

About The Workout

Shoulder Press – Deltoid Exercise for wide round Herculean shoulder muscles

Seated Shoulder Press Exercise is the best shoulder muscle mass builder.
Shoulder Press remains the grand-daddy of all shoulder Exercises to build big, round shoulder muscles.
Purpose : To Build Muscle Mass in the shoulders { emphasizes on front and side deltoids }
Seated shoulder press has been the favorite deltoid exercise with bodybuilders as it builds muscle fast and is a power move.
Execution Technique : You can use either a Machine or Free weights to perform Shoulder Press. Free Weights are undoubtedly the best way. But in case you have an injury problem prefer the machine press
Grips: Hands are positioned shoulder width apart.

Steps :

  • Sit on an exercise bench and grab a bar with overhand grip.
  • Now press the weight above the head.
  • Now lower the bar under controlled motion until it reaches back to starting position.

Points to remember :

Remember exert while you exert.
Perform a warm up with 50% weight for 1-2 sets.
Always perform the Shoulder Exercises before you perform triceps. This sequence is very important because if you do triceps before shoulders, the triceps will fail before deltoids and you cannot lift heavier in shoulder press thus not stimulating delts enough.

Shoulder Press – Deltoid Exercise 41060 seconds

Machine Presses – Shoulder Machine Press exercise

Shoulder Machine Presses is an excellent exercise to build front and side deltoid muscles. Check the correct execution technique and blast your delts now. Shoulder Machine Presses has two advantages over free weight presses.

  • It demands a very strict movement as the bar is fixed to the rack
  • It allows the weights to go much lower providing a good stretch to front deltoid muscles.

Execution : Shoulder Press Exercise is done on a Shoulder Machine Press Machine.

Steps :

  • Grasp the bar on the shoulder machine at shoulder levels.
  • Now press the bar overhead until your arms are nearly locked out.
  • Lower the bar back to the starting position under controlled motion.

Points to Remember :

  • Exhale while you exert
  • Keep motion controlled.
Machine Presses – Shoulder Machine Press exercise 41060s

Lateral Shoulder Raise

Purpose : Develops the anterior and lateral portion of the deltoid muscles.

Procedure :

  • Position the height of the seat so that the feet are firmly planted on the floor . This gives resistance against the floor and assists in balance and stability while lifting. Notice in the photo how the heel of the prosthetic foot is the main contact point . (The prosthetic foot does not plantarflex with muscular control, so it cannot be completely flat.) The seat should be adjusted so the height of the shoulder joint is even with the machine’s cam, or the center axis of movement.
  • Place the forearms against the pads and grip the handles, but not tightly . Start with your arms at your sides.
  • Raise the arms up while pushing against the forearm pads.
  • Raise the weight until the forearms are parallel to the floor or even with the top of the shoulders. Inhale while raising the weight and exhale while lowering the weight.
  • Raise the weight with a count of two and lower the weight with a count of four.

MODIFICATION : The seated position allows for concentration on working the shoulders, rather than on maintaining body balance while lifting the weight.

Lateral Shoulder Raise 31230s

Always perform the Shoulder Exercises before you perform triceps. This sequence is very important because if you do triceps before shoulders, the triceps will fail early and you cannot lift heavier in shoulder press thus not stimulating delts enough.


The information contained in this Post is intended as a fitness guide and it’s not intended to replace a personal coach. Remember to consult your doctor before beginning any type of workout or diet program. information unknown to you may have an adverse effect on your physical well-being even including death. You may think you’re in physical shape to pursue the activities described in this document; only your doctor is qualified to make that decision. Tell him or her that you are planning to begin an exercise program.